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Stay Connected to Your Pet Parents for Life with SMS

Sending new pet owners timely, specific pet care information after the sale can make all the difference. ‍

New pet owners often struggle to find reliable and timely information to care for their pets once they leave your store. ‍

That’s why sharing useful, timely, specific pet care information after the sale can make all the difference. ‍

One of the best ways to engage with a customer post-sale?‍

SMS marketing that can quickly share the right information, at the right time, help you create a customer for life.‍

We recently hosted a webinar with Pets+ to educate pet companies to do exactly this. Keep reading to learn the top takeaways from the session.

Watch the full webinar, Building Long-Term Relationships: Stay Connected to Your Pet Parents for Life with SMS!
The Current State of the Pet Industry
Today, most pet care businesses are focused on grabbing a new customer at the start of their journey: with the purchase of their new pet. However, engaging with a customer over the entire length of a pet’s lifetime is a way to deliver helpful, timely information to your pet customer so they can best care for their pet. ‍
Additionally, this kind of consistent engagement, through SMS messaging focused on specific, relevant tips, tricks, and product recommendations for a customer’s unique pet, builds trust in your brand and creates a lifelong, enduring connection between the pet owner and your pet store.‍
Most pet owners crave information on their pet, long past the initial purchase or adoption. More specifically, expert post-sale advice is needed for new pet owners of reptiles and aquatic species, like fish.‍
In order to help pet owners engage consistently with their customers, we help create a steady dialogue with customers, by providing ultra-specific information on their pets, tailored to their needs.
The Problems New Reptile and Fish Owners Face
After purchasing an aquatic or scaly friend, most pet owners struggle to set up their pet homes in the best way, care for their new fish or reptile, and purchase the best products for their specific pet.‍
New scaly pet owners might have questions about the long-term care of their pets, like:‍
  • How much water needs to be in my fish tank?
  • What’s the best place to set up my pet’s home?
  • When do I feed my reptile or fish?
  • Can I provide treats to my reptile?
  • What’s the best brand of food for my fish or reptile?

While searching the Internet is an obvious choice, Google often turns up an overwhelming amount of conflicting answers.‍
That’s where Blustream comes into play.‍
Blustream captures pet-specific data, like the length of ownership, location, size, breed, and more, so pet business owners can tailor SMS messaging campaigns that deliver relevant, timely information to pet owners throughout the duration of a pet’s lifetime.‍
SMS messaging can revolve around onboarding tips to new pet owners, personalized, timely product recommendations (i.e. a recommendation for fish food, sent a month after their last purchase), and care tips at every stage of a pet’s life. Additionally, by engaging with customers through SMS messaging questions (“How often do you take your iguana out of its cage?”) you can collect even more information on a customer, and tailor their messaging even further.
Blustream in Action
To display how Blustream works to engage pet customers over the journey of a pet’s lifetime, let’s explore how Bobby Blood of Blue Shark Trading Company engages his customers beyond their initial purchase — and how it’s enhanced his business.‍
In the case of Bobby Blood at Blue Shark Trading Company, he focused on delivering the most tailored information possible to his customers, in order to win their trust. ‍
For his customer Becky, this meant creating an engaging SMS messaging campaign after she lost her tropical fish, due to mismanagement of her fish tank. Bobby didn’t want to see Becky lose her passion for fish – or dump her fish tank in a landfill. So, Bobby focused on crafting a tailored SMS messaging campaign to Becky that would deliver the best, most helpful information on fish ownership.‍
Bobby’s SMS campaign answered common new fish and reptile owner questions like:‍
  • Is the tank in the right place?
  • Is the tank the right size?
  • Am I feeding the fish the right food?
  • What is a water conditioner?
  • Do I have the right lighting?
  • Why is the gravel so dirty?
  • Do I need to change the water?
  • Do I need a fish net?

Additionally, the Blue Shark Trading team delivered this information to Becky in a variety of ways via SMS messaging: clickable links, question and answers, videos, detailed explanations, and more. ‍
By delivering this kind of information via SMS messaging, in a variety of engaging formats, Bobby and his team was able to re-engage with Becky and re-win her customership.‍
This kind of consistent engagement through SMS messaging isn’t special to Blue Shark Trading alone. Consistent SMS messaging that delivers helpful, timely information to pet owners during onboarding, and throughout a pet’s lifetime is key to retaining customers and building trust. ‍
In fact, Blustream users see an average 25% increase in revenue due to the upsell opportunities available through SMS.
Get Started with Blustream
Nurturing an after-sale connection can provide early success and support that generates future sales for your petcare business.‍
If you’re ready to craft automated, tailored messaging to your customers that will deliver higher revenue, increase retention, and provide the best possible care to your customer and their pets, it’s time to get started with Blustream. ‍
Blustream's Product Success Platform creates personalized customer experiences and drives revenue by creating unmatched first impressions and ongoing support for the products your customers love.‍

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