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We're Pioneering Product Ownership. Here's How.

Discover how Blustream is pioneering Product Ownership with advanced AI tools and personalized experiences, leading to unparalleled loyalty, retention, and business growth.

Delivering meaningful, personalized post-sale engagement experiences is now the key to customer retention. 

With product ownership AI tools, it’s easier than ever to turn first-time buyers into loyal fans.

We’re thrilled to have recently released brand new Product Ownership AI features to further solidify our Product Ownership AI market leadership. 

Four Ways We’re Pioneering Product Ownership

Our new features help businesses deliver personalized product ownership experiences to customers through advanced technologies and zero-party data – setting the stage for unparalleled loyalty, retention, and business growth.

1. Intelligent Message Triggering 

Unique to Blustream’s Product Ownership AI technology, our intelligent, contextualized message triggers stand out as a game-changer in the industry. These triggers extend customer journeys while preventing duplicate messages, ensuring optimized interactions. Not only does existing messaging tend to follow a one-size-fits-all approach, but it also is typically more vendor-forward and promotional, ignoring the customer needs.  

Say a customer switches instruments from a violin to a cello. With Blustream’s Product Ownership AI triggers, consumers can switch to messaging specific to the new rental. New messaging could include questions about the instrument switch, helpful tips for learning cello, or recommendations for additional products new cello players might need. 

With tailored, dynamic messaging like this, your customers will feel more affinity for your brand, thanks to relevant, updated, trustworthy information while becoming more likely to continue to refer to your business for future needs.

2. Advanced Product Journey Editing 

Advanced Product Journeys allows businesses to change and edit the various aspects around the touchpoints of their journey, such as the order or the timing in between each interaction.

This new feature provides the capability to modify live journeys and has been utilized across direct-to-consumer e-commerce channels to provide the flexibility e-commerce businesses require. 

Further, this means businesses can continuously add new touchpoints to a journey in order to test new messaging, optimize engagement, and scale – the sky is the limit! 

3. Enhanced Rapid Dialogue 

The removal of limitations on instant responses and message volume in the Enhanced Rapid Dialogue feature paves the way for faster, dynamic product ownership AI journeys.

How does this look in the real world? Brands can better educate their consumers about their products by sending on-demand, step-by-step instructions for set-up or maintenance to consumers that result in continued post-sale success and enjoyment. 

4. Smart Audience Segmentation

Our updated audience segmentation feature enables businesses to create more personalized consumer journeys based on zero-party data. For instance, an e-commerce pet supplement brand can tailor journeys for dogs prone to hip dysplasia, offering relevant education and information. This feature proves invaluable for automated and dynamic audience management.

Experience the Power of Product Ownership

Today’s crowded marketplace means business owners must focus more of their marketing efforts on customer retention and the creation of lifelong fans, over one-time purchasers.

One of the best ways to engage customers and see an increase in retention is with personalized messaging and product ownership journeys that deliver informative, interesting product tips, FAQs, recommendations, and reminders to aid in the most successful post-sale journey possible. 

Schedule a demo to witness how Blustream can elevate your business, making customer acquisition more efficient and fostering enduring customer relationships.


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