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The Future of CX: Blustream's Product Assistant™ Transforms Product Ownership with Cutting-Edge Features

Innovative New Features Underscore Importance of Retention in Increasingly Competitive Landscape

WORCESTER, MA, OCTOBER 17, 2023 --, the leader in after-sale product ownership experiences, today announced game-changing updates to the Product Assistant™ platform. These innovative features are set to redefine how companies engage with their consumers by delivering unparalleled personalization and efficiency in product ownership experiences, creating a whole new level of retention and trust. 

"Our commitment to delivering exceptional product experiences has driven us to continually innovate and refine the Product Assistant,” said Ken Rapp, CEO and co-founder, Blustream. "These new features mark a significant leap forward in our ability to help companies build stronger relationships with their consumers. By understanding individual needs and delivering messages with impeccable timing, our platform empowers companies to achieve remarkable results."

With Blustream-connected end consumers being more than twice as likely to make a second purchase, with two times the number of repeat purchases and twice the average order value, it's clear that product ownership experiences create unmatched loyalty. Companies automate personalized experiences for consumers by digitizing key moments from unboxing to usage and ongoing care with messages sent at exactly the right time. 

The Blustream Product Assistant is an open channel for consumers to provide information that personalizes their experiences, leveraging advance technologies and zero-party data. These new features introduced are set to create more dynamic product ownership experiences, elevating the level of interaction and engagement compared to traditional marketing technology.

New features that power the Blustream Product Assistant include: 

  • Advanced Product Journey Editing: With the latest updates to product journey editing, Blustream customers can seamlessly modify live, dynamic journeys, providing a holistic product ownership experience to end consumers within a single journey. This empowers consumers to adapt and tailor their engagement, enhancing their connection with the product over time.

  • Intelligent Journey Message Triggering: Blustream's intelligent contextualized message triggers are designed to optimize interactions. These triggers dynamically adjust and restart journeys based on new information such as repeat purchases and maintenance events. This ensures that end consumers receive relevant and timely messages, fostering deeper engagement.

  • Enhanced Rapid Dialogue: The addition of enhanced rapid dialogue capabilities to all journeys enables Blustream customers to deliver personalized messages at precisely the right moments during the product ownership journey. This feature enhances user experiences by providing information and support when it matters most, ultimately strengthening the consumer-product relationship.

  • Intelligent Audience Segmentation: Blustream's advanced audience segmentation now allows for automatic journey segmentation based on user information. This innovation streamlines the process by reusing common journey elements across products and product lines, reducing redundancy and optimizing communication strategies for diverse consumer segments. 
  • Enhanced Integration Compatibility: Blustream’s expanded advanced integrations connect their customers to an increasing number of complementary CRM, eCommerce, Point-of-Sale, and customer support systems, enhancing their overall effectiveness. 

"In today's competitive landscape, retaining consumers and subscribers is paramount to the success of your company, particularly in the face of rising acquisition costs,” said Tyler Craig, Chief Revenue Officer, Blustream. “Having personalized experiences that convert consumers and subscribers into lifelong advocates is the key to survival and growth. Our latest feature updates truly revolutionize how companies engage with their consumers– allowing them to create individual experiences for each and every consumer.” 

Craig will be showcasing the latest Blustream features during the upcoming Subscription Insider webinar, 5 Keys to Creating Lifelong Subscribers on October 25th at 1 p.m. ET. During the session, Craig will share five proven approaches to empower subscription companies and brands to increase revenue, LTV, and NPS by delighting subscribers and increasing overall retention rate by 40 percent. Click here to register for the session. 

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Blustream is a product ownership CX company. We believe every company should deliver exceptional product experiences to their consumers. Our Product Assistant™ is an intelligent, adaptive messaging platform capable of sending personalized, automated messages to product owners at exactly the right time. Consumer product and services companies across industries turn to Blustream to build innovative product experiences that drive revenue, retention and LTV. Give your products a voice:

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