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Blustream's Technological Expansion Paves the Way for Global Customer Engagement

Global Technology Innovations Drive Revenue and Customer Loyalty Beyond SMS

WORCESTER, MA, MARCH 13, 2024 --, the leader in product ownership AI, announces groundbreaking technology expansion through the recent integration of WhatsApp into the Blustream platform, solidifying its position as the leading force in the industry. This strategic move significantly expands Blustream’s global communication capabilities, underscoring the need for businesses to leverage more than traditional SMS platforms.

“Our WhatsApp integration showcases our commitment to powering connected customers worldwide,” said Ken Rapp, CEO of Blustream. “We are empowering global organizations to seamlessly connect with their audiences, reinforcing the invaluable role Blustream plays in driving meaningful customer engagement on a global scale.” 

Recognizing the diverse needs of its customers and end-consumers, Blustream is dedicated to flexibility by embracing multiple messaging technologies, meeting its customers where they are. This goes beyond the confines of traditional SMS, allowing businesses to navigate industries where SMS usage is prohibited or less accessible, including CBD, alcohol, and firearms. 

As the primary messaging tool of the EMEA region, WhatsApp is now available to Blustream customers, allowing them to send automated, personalized WhatsApp messages to consumers at exactly the right time. Blustream's commitment to customers is highlighted by its capability to facilitate streamlined engagement on product owners’ preferred messaging platform. This approach guarantees that businesses can seamlessly engage with their audience, no matter the device. 

“Blustream’s commitment to its customers is second to none,” said Bobby Blood, owner of Blue Shark Trading. “The team swiftly integrated WhatsApp, allowing us to more easily connect with fish and aquatic owners where they receive messages. We are already reaping the benefits of this integration, with more fish owners engaging with our messages than ever before.” 

By digitizing personalized product ownership experiences, Blustream is revolutionizing the way companies connect with their customers. Leveraging intelligent, adaptive SMS messaging, Blustream connects companies and end-consumers throughout the life of their products. By sending personalized, automated messages to product owners based on predictive behaviors and usage data – from unboxing through key moments of usage, enjoyment, and care – companies see a drastic reduction in churn and significant revenue increases.

To experience the power of Blustream’s product ownership AI technology, visit: 


Blustream is a product ownership AI company. We believe every company should deliver exceptional product experiences to their consumers. Our intelligent, adaptive messaging platform is capable of sending personalized, automated messages to product owners at exactly the right time. Consumer product and services companies across industries turn to Blustream to build innovative product experiences that drive revenue, retention and LTV. Give your products a voice: 

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