Product Ownership AI

Connecting companies to customers through innovative product experiences.

Give your products a voice.

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Increase retention & revenue with Product Ownership CX









Blustream Customer Success Stories

We enable companies to create exceptional product experiences for their customers. 


Blustream's Product Assistant is an intelligent, adaptive messaging platform.

Personalized Experiences

Automate personalized experiences for customers by digitizing key moments from unboxing to usage and ongoing care with messages sent at exactly the right time.


Product Ownership 

The only technology enabling companies to have an ongoing connection with customers around products. Build meaningful, lifetime connections.

Zero-Party Data

The Product Assistant™ is an open channel for customers to provide information that personalizes their experiences. Collect data that drives thoughtful marketing campaigns.

Let's get started.

  1. Demo: The best way to experience our technology is through a live demo.

  2. Onboard: Choose templates from our library and add your products.

  3. Launch: Our dedicated team will have your product ownership experiences ready for launch after a couple of quick meetings.


Blustream customers see:

67% response rates to personal questions

50% click-through rates on purchase links

38% engagement on personalized educational messages

We integrate seamlessly with popular platforms

Flexible pricing to fit your business needs



Flat fee for up to 1,000 messages

Set the foundation to deliver exceptional product experiences.

  • Checkmark Basic Touchpoint Types
  • Checkmark Basic Touchpoint Triggers
  • Checkmark Basic Email Support
  • Checkmark Basic Integrations
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Flat fee for up to 5,000 messages

Set, build and grow exceptional product experiences for your customers and stay with them for life.

  • Checkmark Advanced Touchpoint Types
  • Checkmark Advanced Touchpoint Triggers
  • Checkmark Expanded Email Support
  • Checkmark Expanded Phone Support
  • Checkmark Advanced Integrations
  • Checkmark Dedicated Account Manager
  • $700 Account Credit

Need more messages per month? Contact for enterprise pricing. 

Our customers build meaningful lifetime relationships with their customers.

"Blustream helped us prevent the misuse of our products that led to bad amazon reviews and lost repeat sales."

"We're able to understand how our customers are using our products to serve them better in the moment and beyond."

"Blustream's 5-Star Unboxing enables us to automate amazing first impressions that drive positive reviews and customer loyalty.”

Zero-party data & personalization are key to retention.

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