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Blustream Previews Next Generation Messaging: Revolutionizing Subscription Customer Engagement

Innovative Product Concierge Messaging Platform to Enhance Customer Engagement and Personalization for the Subscription Industry

WORCESTER, MA, JUNE 6, 2024 --, the leader in Product Ownership AI, has announced the upcoming release of its next generation messaging channel ahead of SubSummit, the largest event dedicated to the subscription industry. This new channel expands Blustream’s already robust communication capabilities, which include popular channels such as WhatsApp and SMS, by introducing a cloud-based messaging format that mimics SMS messages while providing additional features such as real-time surveys, graphics, and videos. 

The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) has extended its SMS regulations to include certain categories of wellness products. Blustream's new channel addresses the growing challenges in certain industries posed by SMS regulations, offering an advanced alternative that ensures compliance with highly regulated wellness products and subscription services.

Utilizing Blustream’s Product Ownership AI, this new channel mimics SMS by enabling customers to send and receive messages in the same space where they view other text messages. Additionally, the channel provides a richer functionality than SMS with the ability to embed videos with autoplay and mute capabilities as well as provide multi-select responses without needing customers to type a reply with their choice. This integration allows for highly customizable and contextually relevant interactions, delivering a range of content and personalized messages precisely when they are needed throughout the product and consumer lifecycle.

"The new channel represents a significant leap forward in our mission to revolutionize customer engagement across all subscription industries with a product concierge," said Ken Rapp, CEO and co-founder of Blustream. "By leveraging cloud technology and AI, we can offer our clients a powerful tool to connect with their customers in more meaningful and compliant ways, driving higher retention and increased revenue."

A standout feature of the new channel is its ability to collect zero-party data. Customers can voluntarily share their interests, preferences, and motivations, which is invaluable for creating rich customer profiles. The data will be visible for customers, allowing them to personalize their experience to their liking. This data-driven approach enables subscription companies to craft highly personalized and relevant communications, understanding and addressing specific customer needs, and fostering deeper loyalty and retention.

“Companies that have adopted Blustream's product-driven approach report a remarkable 44% increase in customer retention and a 30% lift in revenue,” said Tyler Craig, CRO of Blustream. “By maintaining continuous and personalized communication, our new channel helps brands, including industries facing strict regulations with SMS, build lasting relationships with their customers.”

Designed for seamless integration, the new channel can be easily incorporated into existing customer touchpoints, creating easy access to the cloud-based platform. This direct connection not only enhances the user experience but also facilitates easy engagement with the brand, providing instant access to valuable information.

"This new channel by Blustream marks an advancement in customer engagement for the subscription industry,” said Chris George, co-founder and CEO of SubSummit. “This next generation messaging solution addresses regulatory challenges while also providing a more personalized and effective way to connect with customers. It's an exciting development that promises to elevate the entire subscription experience."

Blustream invites attendees of SubSummit 2024 to connect with the team onsite to preview and learn more about how this innovative solution can transform customer engagement strategies in the subscription space.

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Blustream is a product ownership AI company. We believe every company should deliver exceptional product experiences to their consumers. Our intelligent, adaptive messaging platform is capable of sending personalized, automated messages to product owners at exactly the right time. Consumer product and services companies across industries turn to Blustream to build innovative product experiences that drive revenue, retention and LTV. Give your products a voice: 

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