Customer Success Stories

At Blustream, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way businesses engage with their customers by enabling personalized product ownership experiences that foster loyalty and drive lifetime value.

Providing Support and Products for Diabetics & Retaining Customers Through Timely Advice

Response to health questions

Click-Through Rate for Cross-Sell

Engagement on educational touchpoints

TD Health

Providing quality products and resources for people with diabetes, TD Health faces similar challenges to many online merchants: how to engage customers, help them succeed, and keep them coming back.

After implementing an opt-in pop-up on their site and at checkout, they saw tremendous engagement, including a 67% response rate to personal health questions, a 50% click-through rate for cross-selling products, and a 38% engagement rate on educational touchpoints.

Establishing a Direct Connection with Customers Who Shop in Retail

rate increase


37x increase
in product reviews

The Bear and the Rat

The Bear and the Rat partnered with Blustream to develop a direct connection with their customers shopping in independent pet retailers and Whole Foods nationwide.

By including a QR code on their frozen yogurt for dogs, they were able to establish a direct line of communication with customers to send each on a unique customer experience. Their efforts have paid off, with a 35% increase in SMS opt-in rates quarter-over-quarter, an astounding 65% response rate to questions asked, and a 37x increase in product reviews left on their site.

Decrease 50% Churn in Musical Instrument Rentals

Retention after 3 months

Click-Through Rate for Cross-Sell

Bertrand's Music

Music instrument rentals experience incredibly high churn due to misuse and lack of interest. With Blustream, Bertrand's Music has created unique experiences for all instrument renters to keep them engaged at their skill level with educational information, instrument care instructions, and enjoyment tips.

By opting-in instrument renters as part of the rental contract agreement and through their POS system, Bertrand's has seen incredibly high engagement, retention, and cross-sell when they personalize messages for each renter on Blustream's adaptive, intelligent platform.

Sharing Targeted, Educational Content, and Tailored Product Recommendations

Up to 7x  
Engagement rates



Click-Through-Rates for purchases

Lifetime retention rate



Purrfectly Holistic

Purrfectly Holistic's mission is to help cat owners learn about the options for and benefits of natural, holistic health. As a business that offers services and products on their Shopify-based e-commerce store, Purffectly Holistic came to Blustream with the goal of getting their library of content to the right cat owners at the right time.

By gathering information specific to customers about what kind of food their cats eat, what allergies they may have, and how often they vomit or experience other illnesses, Purrfectly Holistic is also able to send targeted product recommendations resulting in 3x-7x higher engagement rates and 43% click-through-rates on purchase links.

Decrease 50% Failure Rate for New Aquarists & Increase Visits to Retailers

Retention after 3 months


Engagement after 3 months

Blue Shark Trading

Over half of new fish owners fail within the first month of setting up their new aquarium. Blue Shark is partnering with  Blustream to help increase success rates for aspiring aquarists and to help them find products at local retailers for continued success.

By opting-in to receive SMS experiences on their website or through newsletter campaigns, customers are guided through step-by-step instructions to set up their tanks along with continued support tips. Blue Shark sees a 90-day engagement rate of 80% as well as a lifetime engagement rate of 65%.