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Blustream Solidifies Product Ownership AI Market Leadership in 2023

Year-End Growth Shaped By Product Ownership Innovation and Adoption Across Industries

WORCESTER, MA, JANUARY 17 , 2024 --, the leader in product ownership AI, today announced significant company growth over the course of 2023. This includes doubling revenue growth, doubling customer count, adding 10 new partners, and major updates to the Blustream Product AI Assistant™ platform, solidifying the company as the preferred solution for brands and retailers committed to delivering unparalleled product ownership experiences to consumers. 

"In the face of the retention crisis posed by eCommerce's relentless commoditization of every purchase, there is an incredible market demand for a new way to connect and retain your customers,” said Ken Rapp, CEO and co-founder, Blustream. “The successes of this past year indicate that Product Ownership AI is the answer. Our customers and dedicated team have played a crucial role in driving Blustream's growth throughout 2023 – setting the stage for what promises to be an even more exciting 2024!” 

Top company highlights include:

  • Customer Growth: Blustream continues to rapidly increase its customer base, with a 100% YoY increase of brands and retailers using the Blustream platform to build innovative product ownership experiences for consumers. This includes Ted Brown Music, InClover Research, KibblePet, and Vetoquinol now experiencing the power of Product Ownership AI.
  • Platform Innovation: New features create more dynamic product ownership experiences, elevating the level of interaction and engagement compared to traditional marketing technology. Leveraging advanced technologies and zero-party data, companies automate personalized experiences by digitizing key moments from unboxing to usage and ongoing care with messages sent at exactly the right time.
  • Partnership Advancement: Blustream continues to deepen relationships with both new and existing partners across industries, with the groundswell of partnership activity in the second half of 2023 that continues into 2024 already. 
  • Shopify App Store: Blustream is now available in the Shopify App Store. With one click, Shopify merchants can better retain their consumers by creating amazing product ownership experiences with Blustream. 
  • Product Ownership Adoption: Blustream-connected end consumers are more than twice as likely to make a second purchase than the average consumer, indicating that Product Ownership AI technology is driving revenue growth for organizations. By drastically reducing churn, organizations see an unprecedented revenue lift from retention and after-market cross-sell of consumables and related products.

Blustream’s continued growth underscores the importance of leveraging innovative technology to create personalized product ownership experiences to drive revenue and increase long-term customer value. The transition from a singular emphasis on the Digital Unboxing experience to a profound understanding of the entire product ownership lifecycle has culminated in a remarkable tenfold surge in Average Selling Price (ASP). 

“With Blustream, retailers can more easily cultivate long-lasting connections with customers to both drive customer loyalty and revenue growth,” said Paul Acton, CEO, Tri-Tech.

To experience the power of the Blustream Product AI Assistant, visit: 


Blustream is a product ownership AI company. We believe every company should deliver exceptional product experiences to their consumers. Our Product AI Assistant™ is an intelligent, adaptive messaging platform capable of sending personalized, automated messages to product owners at exactly the right time. Consumer product and services companies across industries turn to Blustream to build innovative product experiences that drive revenue, retention and LTV. Give your products a voice:

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