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Blustream Helps eCommerce Brands Prevent Negative Reviews

Blustream Helps eCommerce Brands Prevent Negative Reviews New Offering Creates Automated Unboxing First Experiences to Drive Five-Star Reviews

WORCESTER, MA, DECEMBER 7, 2022 --, the leader in after-sale product experience, today announced the availability of Blustream Unboxing Express™, pre-configured 30-day experience packages allowing eCommerce brands to seamlessly connect to their customers after the sale to minimize negative reviews. With dynamic SMS messaging, Blustream Unboxing Express fosters an automated, personalized connection between companies and their customers to immediately enhance their product experience.‍

“eCommerce brands are faced with a myriad of challenges in the first 30 days with new customers – from bad experiences that lead to product returns and low reviews to product confusion due to a lack of understanding about the product,” said Ken Rapp, CEO of Blustream. “Blustream is solving these challenges for eCommerce to bridge the gap in post-sale connections between brands and their customers with easy-to-implement solutions that have an immediate impact.” ‍

A single bad review drives away one in ten potential customers.  Blustream helps brands to increase authentic positive reviews and proactively decrease the negatives that impact the bottom line. Blustream Unboxing Express improves customer satisfaction and increases retention by automating personalized, two-way SMS conversations. Blustream uses product usage data, environment, and owner skill level to trigger personalized product messages including tips, alerts, and purchase recommendations, at exactly the right time. 

‍“We’re thrilled to be working with Blustream,” said Bobby Blood, founder, Blue Shark Trading. “If you’re a business owner seeking to build lifelong customer relationships, Blustream’s technology is the way to go. For Blue Shark Trading, Blustream’s technology is a key component to our success.” 

Blustream integrates with leading eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and others, to allow a seamless brand experience. The pre-configured Blustream Unboxing Express offerings allow eCommerce brands to: 

  • Increase Positive Reviews: Proactively help customers with products before they fail with timely assistance to triage issues to customer support and solicit five-star reviews.
  • Decrease Product Returns: Provide automatic training and tips about products to decrease buyer’s remorse and increase customer satisfaction. 
  • Drive Repeat Purchases: Create personalized, targeted suggestions based on customers’ unique needs.

This follows 2022 company momentum and growth, including doubling SaaS revenue, doubling the number of both customers and end-users on the Blustream APEX platform, and delivering 10 times the number of SMS messages. Blustream also continues to provide cutting-edge product updates and features. The latest feature, the Messaging Preview Tool, allows customers to preview and test messages to immediately experience the power of dynamic dialogue. 

To learn more about Blustream, visit: 

Blustream is an after-sale Product Experience Platform that empowers companies to help owners be more successful with the products they love. With Blustream, brands engage their customers with contextualized, data-driven touchpoint messages including tips, alerts, and purchase recommendations, sent at exactly the right time. Today, CEOs, CMOs, and Product Executives use Blustream to create a direct channel with their customers to drive revenue, retention, and referrals. Stay connected to your customers: 

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