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Blustream Drives Revenue and Customer Experiences for Fedwell Pet Foods

'I’m thrilled to be working with Blustream. Their after-sale CX expertise means I can focus on creating and selling the products that my customers love.'



Headquartered in Somerville, MA, Fedwell Pet Foods has experienced sustained growth since its inception in 2013.

After serving in the Peace Corps, founder Emily Lagasse, alongside her dog Fenway, returned to the Boston area in 2010 in search of more natural, wholesome food for Fenway, similar to what he was eating in West Africa. Finding that there were no sustainable options, Emily opted to take classes and learn to cook on her own to feed Fenway. Thus Fedwell Pet Foods was born. Following incredible sales of her all-natural pet food, Emily opened Petwell Supply in 2018 to further meet her customers’ needs – assisting people to find holistic remedies for pet ailments. 

Despite her continued successes, Emily found that several of her customers were one-time shoppers. They either stopped in her store or ordered her food online, however, did not come back for a return purchase. Emily knew that her products were top-notch, and that many customers valued her deep expertise in taking care of dogs. If she had a way to connect with these customers outside of them walking into her store or visiting her website, Emily knew she would have a customer for life. 

Further, Emily was a sole proprietor and had limited amounts of time and money to brainstorm unique ways to reach her current customers. Her marketing budget was slim, and she needed a new way to easily and seamlessly connect with her customers on an ongoing basis.


Many brands and retailers struggle with the same issues as Emily.

These companies have limited opportunities to connect with customers outside of a customer service inquiry or complaint. Further, many services and marketplaces only allow these companies to send mass marketing emails based on time or force them to create unnecessary loyalty clubs, restricting brands and retailers to one-way communication channels. Unless a customer walks back through the door, companies cannot recommend further products or services that will help that individual customer at exactly the right time. 

Enter after-sale product experiences. Traditional SMS marketing tools are not built for product success, they're built for promotion. However, if a brand utilizes the products that they sell, and focuses on the consumer ownership of the product, then the product can be the catalyst for incredible opportunities to connect with customers. 

Blustream creates a direct connection between companies and their customers following the sale. Ingesting millions of product usage data points each day, Blustream allows companies to send real-time, personalized messages to consumers, including tips, alerts, and purchase recommendations, throughout a product’s lifecycle. 

Blustream's Product Success Platform creates personalized customer experiences and drives revenue by creating unmatched first impressions and ongoing support for the products your customers love. Our product-centric platform is uniquely designed to provide your customers with unmatched first impressions and ongoing support throughout the lifecycle of your products. 

For example, if a brand knows how frequently a customer is using their product, then they can share real-time suggestions on how to use it and take care of it or provide purchase recommendations based on usage. Additionally, the brand becomes that trusted advisor for its customers, leading to increased loyalty and engagement. The opportunities are endless! 


Emily was introduced to Blustream in late 2021 to help engage with her customers driving both revenue and retention. Working with Blustream has allowed Emily to dream up new ways to both educate and connect with her customers at every stage of owning a pet – from taking care of a new puppy to grooming, and everything in between. 

Working alongside the Blustream team, Emily created numerous campaigns to reach her customers. Blustream has opened up so many doors for Emily, and she now knows that she will be able to retain her customers for life. 

  • Driving revenue: Blustream’s recommendation engine means Emily can choose the perfect time to cross-sell and upsell associated products to pet parents exactly when they need them.

  • Improve retention: Before Blustream, Emily didn’t have a chance to stay connected to her customers. Now, she is just a message away from keeping in touch with her pet parents! 

  • Increase referrals: Emily knows her customers tell their friends when they have a great experience.  After-sale product experiences will only further increase those recommendations! 

“I’m thrilled to be working with Blustream. Their after-sale CX expertise means I can focus on creating and selling the products that my customers love. I’m looking forward to a bright future with my customers!” – Emily Lagasse

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