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Blustream and Tri-Tech Transform Customer Experience for Music Retailers

Trailblazing Partnership Allows Music Retailers to Immediately Connect with Customers to Drive Revenue Growth

WORCESTER, MA, MAY 2, 2023 --, the leader in after-sale product experience, today announced a partnership with Tri-Technical Systems (Tri-Tech), the dominant point-of-sale (POS) software company for music retailers, to revolutionize experiences for music retailers and players alike. 

“The future of customer experience is not only in selling or renting instruments, but in forging meaningful connections with your players,” said Paul Acton, CEO, Tri-Tech. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Blustream to bring this vision to life for music retailers across the country. With Blustream, retailers can more easily cultivate long-lasting connections with customers to both drive customer loyalty and revenue growth.”

The global interest in musical instruments skyrocketed due to the pandemic, with the music market set to reach almost $7 billion in the next five years. With the increase in musicians playing instruments for the first time, driven primarily by grade-school students, there is an even greater need to ensure these musicians know how to properly take care of their rented or owned instruments. This partnership allows retailers to easily embed Blustream technology into the Tri-Tech AIM music POS software, helping retailers engage customers with automated, personalized messages based on their unique instrument needs to increase customer lifetime value and drive growth. 

As the leader in POS software for music retailers, Tri-Tech’s AIM is a completely integrated and robust point of sale and retail management solution that offers inventory control, automated purchasing, customer management and loyalty programs, sales reporting, employee security and more. AIM is designed for music retailers and contains everything a music store would need to effectively manage its business. 

“Now more than ever, musical instruments must be the glue between retailers and players,” said Ken Rapp, CEO and co-founder of Blustream. “With Blustream, we let the instruments do the talking – with our technology providing automated, personalized SMS messages to players based on predictive player behaviors and usage data. With our Tri-Tech partnership, we are helping music businesses to create long-term relationships with musicians using the instruments they rent and sell.” 

Jeff Bertrand, an esteemed music industry veteran and owner of Bertrand's Music, will showcase the power of the partnership during the upcoming webinar, “The Next Step in Customer Experience: Bertrand’s, Blustream, and Tri-Tech Partner to Advance Music Retail.” During the session, he will share his invaluable experience using Blustream and Tri-Tech to establish enduring relationships with players who rent from his shops. Click here to register for the event on May 11, 2023. 

"In today's marketing world, getting your message across takes up to 30 touchpoints,” said Bertrand. “Blustream has provided us a way to stay in front of our existing customers so when the time is right to renew, make that step-up purchase, or even just some needed accessories, we are who they think about first.” 

To experience the power of Blustream, visit: 


Blustream is a product experience platform that powers businesses to help customers succeed with the products they love. Using AI-powered SMS messaging, brands engage their customers with personalized messages based on product ownership skill level, usage patterns, and environment. Leading eCommerce brands and retailers create 5-Star experiences with Blustream to decrease product returns, prevent negative reviews, and drive lifetime value. Stay connected to your customers: 


Since its foundation in 1984, Tri-Technical Systems (Tri-Tech) has become an industry leader in providing robust POS and business software solutions to specialty retailers. Thousands of retailers across the United States and Canada are growing their businesses with greater efficiency and more profitably with the help of Tri-Tech's product suite. Learn more at: 

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