Fostering Retention in the Subscription Industry 

Blustream engages with subcription brands–empowering them to forge a direct, ongoing customer connection, thanks to Product Ownership AI. 

Connected consumers are worth 10x their first purchase.

50% of Subscribers Leave Within the First 6 Months. 

On average, 50% of subscription customers leave within the first 6 months. For subscription-based companies, staying connected to your customers is crucial. With Blustream's Product Ownership AI platform, subscription companies have reached community retention rates as high as 97% and customer engagement rates up to 86%. 



Blustream's platform is powered by AI & SMS to help decrease churn for subscription-based companies.

Blustream's Product Ownership AI decreases churn by rates up to 33% for our subscription-based companies.

In a cohort of 1,000 customers over 6 months, this would lead to a projected additional average of $220k in incremental revenue. 


Welcome to Blustream:
The Next-Generation in Customer Experience 

It's 4x-10x less expensive to keep a customer than to constantly pour resources into filling a leaky bucket.  

How Blustream Drives Retention in the Subscription Industry

Personalized Experiences 

Automate personalized experiences for customers by digitizing key moments.

Product Ownership

The only technology enabling companies to have an ongoing connection with customers.

Zero-Party Data

Our platform is an open channel for customers to provide information that personalizes their experiences. 

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  3. Launch: Our dedicated team will have your product ownership experiences ready for launch after a couple of quick meetings.


Blustream customers see:

67% response rates to personal questions

50% click-through rates on purchase links

38% engagement on personalized educational messages

We integrate seamlessly with popular platforms


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For just dollars per customer per year, subscription brands can see:









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