The only platform purpose-built to help customers succeed with your products.

CRM platforms organize basic data and workflow automation.

Customer support platforms track, prioritize, and solve customer issues.

SMS Marketing platforms provide high open rates and engagement for promotions.

Blustream automates product experiences that create meaningful lifetime relationships with customers.

Features required for the next generation in customer experience:

Connect & Grow

Grow your SMS subscriber list with easy opt-in options to fit any business.

Keywords to start journeys

Enter customers into a journey with custom #keywords.

eCommerce checkout integration

Integrate Blustream with your eCommerce platform for immediate adoption.

Landing page builder & Opt-in form

Build opt-in forms and landing pages to share on social channels and product pages.

QR code generator

Generate QR codes for packaging, marketing collateral, presentations, and more.

Automate & Personalize

Personalize and automate dynamic messages tailored to each unique customer, based on their lifestyle, behavior, and environment to gain loyalty and 5-star reviews.

Segment Based on Product Usage

Create audiences based on how customers use your products, not how often they purchase them.

Trigger Based on Product Data

Send timely messages based on how and when customers use your products.

Two-Way Rapid Dialogue

Ask questions to engage customers in instantaneous, automated conversations.

Intelligent Keywords

Empower customers to get help or tips on-demand by using #keywords.

5-Star Templates

Launch Blustream's proven customer success templates for guaranteed 5-star product experiences.

Data & Analytics

Collect and analyze product data to help power more thoughtful campaigns and product development.

Rich Customer Profiles

Ask questions to gain an understanding of your customers and how they use your products.

Product Usage Data

Learn directly from your customers how and when they're using your products.

Product Ownership Data

Capture data about the customers using your products.

Event Log

Identify trends and get in touch directly with customers who need intervention.

We power businesses to help customers succeed with the products they love.

Traditional SMS marketing tools are not built for product success, they're built for promotion. Let us show you the value of creating dynamic dialogue around your products.