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Blustream’s 5-Star Unboxing Now Available in Shopify App Store

New Integration Drives Revenue for Shopify Merchants Through 5-Star Product Unboxing & Start-Up Experiences


WORCESTER, MA, MARCH 28, 2023 --, the leader in after-sale product experience, today announced that 5-Star Unboxing is now available in the Shopify App store for Shopify merchants to guarantee customer success with automated, personalized SMS messages. The Blustream App helps businesses engage in automated, dynamic dialogues with customers about the products they sell to decrease negative reviews and product returns, and drive repeat purchases.

“Launching Blustream within the Shopify App Store makes it even easier for eCommerce brands and retailers to start connecting with their customers,” said Ken Rapp, CEO and co-founder, Blustream. “With one click, Shopify merchants can start delighting their customers by creating amazing product experiences through dynamic SMS text dialogue. We are the only platform purpose-built to help customers succeed with products, and we’re thrilled to take this next step forward in our evolution to help brands and retailers create 5-Star experiences that drive revenue and lifetime value.”

Blustream brings the power of Blustream’s 5-Star Unboxing technology to Shopify merchants, immediately allowing them to start engaging with their customers about the products they sell. With one click, Shopify merchants can immediately start sending automated, personalized SMS messages based on customer behaviors and product usage data. By automating the customer experiences that matter, Blustream guarantees customer success in the first 30 days. 

The immediate Blustream-powered connection that Shopify merchants make with their customers creates incredible value – with decreased negative reviews due to the timely assistance provided to triage issues, decreased product returns due to automatic education following purchase, and increased repeat purchases due to personalized recommendations of new products and accessories to try. 

When capturing the right product usage data, Blustream customers see over 40% conversion rates on purchase recommendations, and a 99% decrease in reviews under four stars. 

Blustream App features include: 

  • Connect & Grow: Shopify merchants can seamlessly grow their subscriber list with easy opt-in options, including keywords and QR codes.

  • Automate & Personalize: Shopify merchants can send personalized, automated dynamic messages based on customer behavior and product usage.

  • Data & Analytics: Shopify merchants can collect and analyze product data to help power thoughtful campaigns and product development.

"Blustream's 5-Star Unboxing enables us to automate amazing first impressions that drive positive reviews and customer loyalty,” said Jay Cahill, CEO, Bluefin Technologies. 

To experience the power of Blustream on Shopify, visit: 



Blustream is a product experience platform that powers businesses to help customers succeed with the products they love. Using AI-powered SMS messaging, brands engage their customers with personalized messages based on product ownership skill level, usage patterns, and environment. Leading eCommerce brands and retailers create 5-Star experiences with Blustream to decrease product returns, prevent negative reviews, and drive lifetime value. Stay connected to your customers: 

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