Frequently Asked Questions

How are Blustream messages sent?

Our platform is built to send SMS (short messaging service) text messages directly to your customers' smart phones.

Do customers really want texts?

Yes! SMS marketing is one of the fastest ways to scale your marketing efforts. 66% of consumers prefer SMS over email and 86% of businesses report higher engagement with SMS.  Blustream customers see an average of 40% engagement with messages sent through our platform and only 8% opt outs. 

Who can I send texts to?

With Blustream you can send texts to customers who have opted-in to receive text messages from you and are based in the US. 

How do I get customers to opt-in?

Most of our customers integrate Blustream directly with their eCommerce or point-of-sale system and request opt-ins at checkout. If your business prefers to use QR codes, you can easily (and quickly!) design a landing page in our platform to assist with opt-ins.

Can people respond to the message I'm sending?

Absolutely! We encourage you to ask questions of your customers to help provide them with personalized tips, guidance, and purchase recommendations.

How often should I be sending messages to customers?

The most successful brands on Blustream send about 4-6 texts per month. This benchmark can vary by business type and when customers may need more or less assistance or tips to help use your product. Our platform also provides for your customer to drive the messaging cadence themselves, based on how engaged they want to be. 

How much does it cost to get started?

Blustream provides quick and easy access to our platform, a clearcut pricing model, no long-term commitment, and we never charge any set up or maintenance fees. Our Express tier gets you going for just $199/mo, plus enough messages for about 200 customers. Our Standard tier provides a few more bells & whistles (plus a free month!) and room for about 500 customers for $399/mo.  We have plenty of tiers past these as you grow, that will continue to reduce the cost per message. 

Can I get my email subscribers on to a Blustream SMS journey?

Absolutely, most of our customers do! To do this, we recommend creating a personalized landing page within our platform (takes 5 minutes!) for phone number and consent collection, and then cross-promoting wherever your customers are: email, social media, and in-store.

Can I cancel or change my plan?

Blustream doesn't require long-term commitments. Our engagements are on a month-to-month basis (unless you like saving money with an annual subscription!) and you can expand or contract for your next month at any time. 

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