Engage and Retain Players by Giving Your Instruments a Voice

Launch automated and personalized SMS text conversations around what your players care most about: The instruments you sell and rent to them. 

Connected consumers are worth 10x their first purchase.

How Blustream is Changing the Music Industry


Click-Through Rate for Cross-Sell 


Music instrument rentals experience incredibly high churn due to misuse and lack of interest. With Blustream, Bertrand's Music has created unique experiences for all instrument renters to keep them engaged at their skill level with educational information, instrument care instructions, and enjoyment tips.



By opting-in instrument renters as part of the rental contract agreement and through their Tri-Tech Point-of-Sale system, Bertrand's has seen incredibly high engagement, retention, and cross-sell when they personalize messages for each renter on Blustream's adaptive, intelligent platform.


Community Retention After 3 Months

"Blustream has provided us a way to stay in front of our existing customers so when the time is right to make that step-up purchase or even just some needed accessories, we are who they think about first. With Blustream, we're able to understand how our customers are using our products to serve them better in the moment and beyond."

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Welcome to Blustream:
The Next-Generation in Customer Experience 

>50% of new instrument owners and renters fail.

How Blustream Drives Retention in the Music Industry

Personalized Experiences 

Automate personalized experiences for customers by digitizing key moments.

Product Ownership

The only technology enabling companies to have an ongoing connection with customers.

Zero-Party Data

Our platform is an open channel for customers to provide information that personalizes their experiences. 

How To Get Started:

1. Choose from our ready-to-go instrument templates

2. Connect Blustream to your POS or eComm site

3. Enroll renters and owners into the instrument messaging journeys to stay connected with them 

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For just dollars per customer per year, music retailers, manufacturers, and brands can see:









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