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Webinar: How to Harness AI and SMS For Lasting Customer Connections

Discover the importance of creating lasting customer connections with AI and SMS messaging. Learn how to enhance subscriber engagement and retention using innovative communication methods.

CEO of Blustream and serial entrepreneur, Ken Rapp partners with Subscription Insider for an executive briefing that discusses why creating meaningful connections with subscribers is pivotal for retention, yet traditional methods like email and chat fall short. Emails often land in spam folders or go unread, while waiting for subscriber queries via chat might be too late to mitigate issues upfront. Enter SMS Messaging / Texting and “Connected Subscribers” —these innovations are gaining traction for a reason. Email, chat, and other conventional modes of communication are proving less effective in today’s landscape.

The workshop dives into the world of SMS/Texting and leveraging AI, to not only build trust, but also significantly enhance subscriber engagement. You will learn the art of utilizing SMS messaging right after the sale, seamlessly onboard new subscribers, guide them through their exciting unboxing experience, and ensure top-notch customer support for lasting subscriber engagement and retention.

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