Use Cases

Broaden your customer connection with Blustream

The LifeCycle Care™ AI platform that simply connects you and your products directly with your customers

Enhance your brand and user experience

Consumers today purchase products from the companies they value the most. Protect and connect individual objects, collections and the containers and facilities in which they are stored.


• Prized possessions and rarities

• High value consumables

• Insurables

Prized possessions and rarities

Poor environmental conditions can reek havoc on high quality musical instruments, exotic pets and firearms.  Rare documents and artwork are  also sensitive to heat and humidity.

Help your customer keep these irreplaceable possessions in tip top shape by identifying risky conditions. Proactively provide education, advice, and expert service that lead to follow on business.

High value consumables

To preserve wine collections, cannabis stashes, and cigar stocks, temperature and humidity must be actively controlled.

Become your customers’ preferred supplier by helping them take care of their collection, consistently ordering maintenance products, and replenishing inventory.


Real estate, recreational vehicles and boats are often the most significant investments that people make. They are also at the highest risk.

Monitor and protect against severe water and weather damage by actively monitoring environmental conditions over any distance.

Get connected to your customer.

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